Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rant: I am 18 therefore...

I should not watch anime or cartoons or read manga? ...WHY THE FUCK NOT?! What? Just because cartoons are made for kids only kids should watch them? Yeah? What about all those +16 or even +18 anime aired after 22:00? Are those for kids too? Ok... those are already action movies with blood and gore or porn movies turned cartoon but still. Why are so many so fixed on the idea that after you turn 18 you should stop watching cartoons? To quote a fat chinese guy in a movie: Fuck that! I mean, the poeple who work on making cartoons do it because they like it, or so I imagine, and they're over 30, 40 and so on.
"Watching cartoons is childish" ... FUCK YOU!!! What is their fucking problem if we still want to do things we did as kids when we're not kids any more, huh? I feel like watching Sailor Moon all over again just to spite all those 'mature' fuckers who think it's childish.
So, in conclusion, you say it's childish I say you suck.
Check please!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Rant: Music Messages

We've all heard the so-called or the actual subliminal messages in songs these days, yes? And the parents are all worried about their children being influenced by them or brainwashed.
Yeah, um... ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! Who needs subliminal messages when you have songs like "Suck my dick" ? Among others, but that one pretty much says it all. There's no need to be subliminal these days, everything's out in the bleeding open, gov'nor! I mean, rappers talk about smoking weed, doing drugs and humping the ladies. Subliminal messages are the least of your kriffing worries.
Now I'm not saying anything against rappers talking about shit like that, hell, I like Snoop, Dre and Eminem, among others. So parents, don't blame the singers, they're just doing what comes natural and don't you fuckin blame the kids, they'll try anything these days. Blame yourselves for not talking to them more and not developing a good relationship based on communication so you will always know what they're listening too. Stop being surprised for fuck's sake when you see porn sites in the internet browser history of your 12 year old son or an account made by your daughter on a teenage soft-core porn site. If that shit happened and you didn't know it, they're not to blame. Sure, you can blame hackers that provide the kind of music you'd rather your children did not listen to or the perverts who make sites like that and pay underage girls to lose their clothes in front of hundreds of middle-aged wackos.
So yeah, songs may have messages you'd rather your children did not listen to. But it's up to all of you over 30 adults to make sure they don't listen, watch, etc. material inappropriate for them.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Rant: The "I'm not..." syndrome

Note: since i don't have that many things to rant about, it's long stopped being daily.

Rant beings: Ok, seriously... WTF?! What is with girls going: "i'm not pretty, i'm not beautiful, i'm not cute, i'm not this and i'm not that..." geez... and i thought i had self-confidence problems, yeesh! girls, take a freakin look in the fokin mirror, will ya? ok, i'll be superficial and admit that some girls really aren't this or that but even they are not bad looking. i mean, until you have like a huge, crooked nose, no chin or something like that i fail to see why you consider yourselves THAT MUCH unnattractive, savy? and even so, i've known girls i would not consider pretty who had boyfriends.
so, PEOPLE! HELLOOOO!!! first of all looks really are not that important, if you have half a brain that is. second of all, the ones who think you look ugly the most is yourselves, there will always be someone who will like you for what you look like as well as who you are.
boy that sounded so cheesy... fuck it, i feel like i'm gonna puke but even i have to admit it's true...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Daily rant: Clothes

I know! I know! I did one on formal wear but this is something else: diversity.
Have you SEEN how many different clothes there are for men? NONE TOO MANY!!! We look like we came off a fucking conveyor belt for fuck's sake! Ok, so mayyyyyybe there are a lot of women who wear the same or very similar clothes... it's the fashion, it's what's in and shit like that, they wear the same because they like it or they have the same tastes, fuck if I fucking know. But they still have PLENTY TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Geez... is it any wonder the gay and transvestite community is flourishing? Hell, I'm two identical t-shirts away from putting on a fokin' dress.
Eyo! Fashion designers! MAKE NEW CLOTHES!!! Get your fokin' 'eads out o' the fokin' box ya fokin' fokers!

You may notice I cursed a lot in this rant. Well that's because... it fokin pisses me the fok off!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Daily Rant: Homosexuality

So they're gay, so what? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. What right do any of you homophobes have to judge them? People have done worse things in the world than kiss someone of the same sex. I mean, if given a choice to cast out either a homosexual or a child molester, which would you chose?
If being gay is wrong then they'll receive their punishment in due time but not from any of you. I have nothing against them, I've even had the pleasure of meeting two girls who are lesbian and they are very nice girls.
You think, I'd have a different opinion if I met a guy who was into me and even came on to me? Personally, I'd be flattered. Oh, and for the record, I once had a homosexual fantasy with a guy, who although was a bit of transvestite at the time, was still a guy.
I remember a quote from a movie about the prejudices against homosexuals: God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Right you are, and if He has a problem with it, then He will deal with it, He gave us free will after all.
I'm gonna get a bit mushy now, but when love is concerned, one notices that it is more often than not blind, and being blind to the other's sex is more and more common.
So people, over the long years humanity has been on this earth we have discriminated because of colour, religion and who knows whatever ridiculous reason. Homophobia is one of them. Judge not lest ye be judged. You don't like homosexuals? Fine, don't spend time with them but don't push them away like they're some sort of disease.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Daily Rant: drugs

No longer the daily rant, well it's not like I got that many readers anyway.
So, today's rant: drugs. OK, this may sound like a bad advertisement out of an educational movie for highschoolers but... JUST SAY NO!!! Really, drugs... Why?! Got nothin' better to do with your money? Are you bored? Is your life so freakin' empty that you need a fix to feel alive? I'm not exactly doin peachy but you won't catch me walking around with a bag of white powder in my pocket.
Now drugs aren't just weed, crack, heroin, LSD and whatever else but cigarettes and coffee. Maybe not as dangerous as the first few mentioned but they're no picnic either. You can't get up without coffee? Strangely enough, I can. Now I'm not gonna blame people with stressful jobs and stuff... but even after they get used to their daily routine they just won't give it up. I don't know if coffee has any side effects, other than not being able to wake up if you give it up but cigarettes sure do. OK, so you were stressed, believe me I can relate and I'd probably be sitting here with an ashtray next to me if not for the problems I already have.
But smokers (and this time I do mean a certain person) as soon as you get ballance in your life, fucking give them up before you get lung cancer and I'll come to your funerals before you come to mine.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Daily Rant: X3

G'day ladies and dudes. Forgot to do it yesterday and cosidering today's events, I have two extra topics.
1. Violence.
SUCKS!!! OK, I'm into carnage, spilling blood and shit like that but, even though that's what humanity deserves, let's not jump head first into global anarchy, savy? I mean come oooon... teachers beat up in class, kids raped in school and at home, old ladies beaten to death by their own kids... we've become a bunch o' freaks. The problem is that we are all too used to violence. After all, it starts at home, one way or the other. If it's not drunk parents or pisshead neighbours it's video games. Yes, I love violence in games and movies but that shit ain't good for a freakin 8 year old who'll go to the sandbox, grab a toy truck and beat the shit out of the kid who doesn't want to share his cookies. Seriously, what the FRAG is everyone's problem? If you ask me, kill the people in charge and put some real people... in charge. Like teachers, doctors (the good kind who like their jobs) hell, even the sweet old guy who sits on the park bench all day and feeds pigeons is a better choice.
Alright, I know i just suggested we get rid of violence WITH VIOLENCE but in this day and age, free hugs or a girl walking up to a bunch of soldiers with a flower in her hand ain't gonna cut it. Cuz they'll shoot the first person who'll open their arms and rape the girl. If they don't snipe or nuke'm first.

2. Beauracracy.
Have you guys, and gals of course, seen how much God damned paperwork you have to do these days? I used to look at that comercial with the guy who brings a box full of permits to get his licence or whatever and he's still missing something and think it was funny. Paperwork is everywhere, it's a fuckin' plague. Hello?! People?! We got what we like to call computers, laptops and internet, bring floppy disks back in style and chop down less fuckin' trees. I'm willin to bet my left hand that we don't recycle half as much as we consume. Don't call me a tree hugger, I'm beyond that but I won't go into that in this rant. Permits, certificates, applications, forms... FAHRBOT!!! Can't we just put all the info from 10 pisses... *ahem*... pieces of paper into one? Or at least make a law, every person has to plant as many trees as years they live.
This may seem cliche but... SAVE THE FUCKING PLANET!!!!!

3. Sexy doctors.
OK, it may be because I'm a virgin and a bit obsessed with sex but... there's this one doctor I go to once a month and she is, if I may use hip hop slang, saweeeet! I mean she's got the foshizzle, the bling, the WHOA NELLY!!! She's no D cup, breast size ain't an issue with me (and no, I'm not just saying this for you [she knows who she is]) and those lips... with me it's always the face that gets me and she has some juicy Angelina Jolie lips that are so fucking kissable... WOOF!!!
I know I'm acting like a freakin horndog over here but... today she was wearing a white dress (the significance of which will be explained at a later date) with a cleavage just big enough to get attention and while she was sitting on the bed opposite mine, looking over my medical documents I had to keep looking to the side because if I looked at her and she was not looking at me I could not keep my eyes off her lips, her cleavage and her legs.
I need to get laid before I do something stupid...